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Shengjiu Group is muti-faceted business concern specializing in the production of cabinets hardware, cooling fans, electronic locks and small scale electronics as well as telecommunications products. We have developed a number of subsidiary firms, each company specializing in its own core products, including Ningbo Shengjiu Cabinets Lock Co., Ltd., Ningbo Shengjiu Cooling Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Shengjiu Electronics Co., Ltd., Ningbo Shengjiu Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shengjiu College. This allows each unit to concentrate its resources on being market leaders, creating the highest quality products all while employing the combination of the firms utilizing economies of scale to establish the lowest costs in each company’s own industry. Our location is within the highly-developed port city on the East coast of China- Ningbo which is adjacent to the first financial center of Southeast Asia-Shanghai. This allows us to obtain very low transportation rates as well as maintain face to face relations with our financial partners, all adding up to tremendous cost savings for our clients. Every move we make is strategic and with the thought of giving our customers the greatest advantage in terms of the highest quality products, most technologically advanced all at the best prices!

Shengjiu has allocated considerable assets to the establishment of an integrated professional test base that is equipped with advanced physics and chemistry laboratories. We have designed and developed a complete set of testing equipment to provide all products with data support, ensuring the performance and quality of our products.

Shengjiu has created a number of state of the art workshops, including: the mold workshop, automatic die casting workshop and CNC machining workshop to focus on every detail of our products. All production processes are conducted in strict compliance with the international standards for quality assurance system so as to fundamentally ensure the quality of each product.

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